(pm - kh - deh - pee - why - ehp)

1.  A calculator like device which, despite possessing incredible levels of computational power and efficiency, is unable to have any negative thoughts whatsoever. If forced to take such an action it will distract its foe with one of over three-hundred (300) inspirational quotes.

 2.  A nonsense word invented because it's fun to say.


I've never made a program with a GUI (graphical user interface) before. By chance I saw an ad for the ToolJam2 and decided I would make a change to that! The P.M.C.D.E.P.E.W.A.I.E.P functions like a regular calculator. My take on the theme of a "missing feature" was to not implement a minus button. Since I had now removed "negativity" from the calculator, I thought it would be funny to make the only "negative" button on the calculator spew out positive, inspirational quotes when used. I hope you get a chuckle or two out of this!


The team- NES-CSS: https://nostalgic-css.github.io/NES.css/

codeman38 - Kong-Text Font: https://www.dafont.com/kongtext.font

FyshStyx - Everything else

You - For trying this program out!


source code.zip 490 kB


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It brings to my mind "PICMDEEP", that crowd-favorite machinegunner's acronym. There, the "P"s stand for "pairs", as a reminder to employ machine guns in pairs, and "protection", to keep in mind the safety of the machinegun team, but I'd like to think one of them could also stand for "positive mental attitude".